Ariana Grande Covers Her Pete Davidson Tattoo With A Tribute To Mac Miller


For Ariana Grande, ex-fiance Pete Davidson is history and she’s making this known by covering up a tattoo she got in his honour with a tribute to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller who died months ago of an accidental drug overdose.

After watching behind the scenes footage from Ariana’s “Thank U, Next” video, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the singer had altered the “8414” tattoo she had on her foot in honour of Pete Davidson.

The numbers represented the badge that belonged to Pete’s late firefighter dad who died in the September 11 terror attacks.

The tattoo gotten as a tribute to Pete has now been covered up with a different tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

The new tattoo isn’t the first Pete tribute she’s had covered up since the pair split. She’s covered other designs with a heart and also changed her “Reborn” tattoo into a feather.


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