Top 10 Federal polytechnic bida Students That Are Making Big Money While In School (SEE FULL LIST)


Despite the academic stress in Nigeria, some of our  Nigerian students have succeeded over the years combining their hustles with school works. together just to make a living 

However, with the Massive increase in unemployment in the country today,

Nigeria youth didn’t for once depend on the situation of the economy or allow it to Cloud there decision. also  being book-smart and hustle-smart is the only way to survive in Nigeria while schooling

Here is a list of Nigerian students in the Federal polytechnic of bida, who have recorded massive success in their entrepreneurship endeavors despite being in school.

Below is our top 10 list Student Entrepreneurs in the Federal polytechnic bida :-


1. victorkayze

Is a portrait and Fashion photographer . He is an entrepreneur in  Federal polytechnic bida 

victorkayze is an outstanding photographer who captures beautiful portraits pictures of people including wedding pictures,  and is also known to have taken pictures for lots of celebrities in Nigeria. .He his the CEO of IQ PHOTOS



is an event planner , & the ceo of 10.4.8 Entertainment and also an astonished barber, he his a student of the department of Quantity Surveying. in federal polytechnic bida

Aqbar is popularly known for his amazing barbing skills. Aqbar has also did some amazing hair cut for some Nollywood Actors  here in Nigeria,  And also his well trained workers.

Aqbar seems to be the first federal polytechnic bida student to have ever sold the school auditorium completely.


3. Cabo Spy 

Is an hair stylist, tattoo maker, nails fixing, eye lashes fixing & hips enlargement, honestly he is fantastic anything concerning your body skin lighting.

Cabo Spy is a student of the federal polytechnic bida.

He has done many creative work for the school such as EED Practical, concerning his Area of specifications .


4. Olotu david king ( Mc king )

This is one of the Federal polytechnic bida finest Mc, event planner, & a Comedian, he is a comedian in  federal polytechnic bida.

Mc king has hold and organized many events that where been attended by top Nigerian artistes, & Nollywood actor’s.


5. Adebayo Muktar Yusuf (son of mercy )

Son of mercy is currently a musical producer & also the CEO of After We kiss entertainment which is currently base in Lagos State now.

Adebayo Muktar Yusuf have worked with many Nigeria Artists, the likes of idowest, and other producers like Livebeat.



6. Adekunle kush

Adekunle Is an hair stylist, makeup artist, fixing of eye lashes, & Nails,

and the student of the department of accountancy in the federal polytechnic bida.

Adekunle is the ceo of kush hair empire saloon, the saloon is likely to be one of the best in federal polytechnic bida.


7. Kingsley John  (Mc Lakasera)

Kingsley John popularly known as Mc Lakasera is a comedian & Event Host.

Mc Lakasera is well known for his amazing stage performance and also his beautiful joke’s,


8. Solomon Ademokoya ( Attitude )

Is a well respected person due to his creative works in terms of designing , styling & Customization of Wears , he is an entrepreneur in the  federal polytechnic bida,

Solomon Ademokoya is the ceo of Attitude clotting line.


9. Mandela 

Is an hair stylist and popularly known for his creative work , he is an entrepreneur in the federal polytechnic bida.

Mandela owns a barbing saloon & he named it Mandela barbing saloon


10. Ojukwu4christ

Is a comedian and also an event host, he is a student of the department of mass communication, federal polytechnic bida.

Comedian Ojukwu blaq recently gain massive attention and awards which currently boost his career to the limelight.




If you’re a student and you’ve not started learning a skill or trailing on the path of being an entrepreneur, it’s not too late, you can start now.

After school, the reality of this list will get done on you.

Which Other Student Entrepreneur In Federal polytechnic bida  Do You Think Should Be On This List?

Drop your comments

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  1. The admin must be crazy..
    The list is not even complete..
    Where are those top big Boys in FPB.

    Abeg make amendment asap..


    1. Ogah….victor kayz was never a student of FPB…..he is an enterprenur in bida…..🚶

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